Background Screening and Fingerprints


Along with other qualification requirements of a High Fidelity Wraparound (High Fidelity Wraparound) provider, an individual must:

  • complete a central registry check, a Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI)/Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) background screening, and an Office of the Inspector General (OIG) background screening.
  • complete a Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS) Central

A successful background screen confirms that an applicant complies with Wyoming Medicaid Rules, Chapter 47, Section 17.

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Steps to take

  • Submit an FBI/State background check and fingerprint by visiting the Division of Criminal Investigations (DCI).  Frequently asked questions and instructions available from the DCI webpage.
  • Submit an FBI background check with payment and fingerprint card by visiting Identity History Summary Checks. Instructions available on the registry webpage. Fingerprint cards will be rejected if they are not completed correctly. Learn how to complete those correctly.
  • Submit a screening check of the Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS) Central Registry.  Helpful tips and instructions available on the registry webpage.
  • During the Magellan application process, attest to successfully meeting the Wyoming Medicaid Rules, Chapter 47, Section 17 requirements (use the search window for “Wyoming Medicaid Rules” then select “Health, Department of” and finally “Medicaid”).
  • You will not be asked during the application process to provide the Background Screen reports to Magellan.