Why wraparound?

What is the process?

High Fidelity Wraparound is a voluntary community-based program for Medicaid youth who risk hospitalization or other out-of-home placement due to complex behavioral needs.

Independent Assessor process

The independent assessor process is the first step in getting enrolled with High Fidelity Wraparound.

The independent assessor will help you complete:

  • CASII/ESCII assessment. These are the required assessments for entry into the
  • High Fidelity Wraparound application.
  • Level of care form. The independent assessor will work with you and a qualified mental health professional to get this form completed.
  • Provider Choice form. You will select the provider you would like to work with.
  • Freedom of Choice form. This form simply states that you understand you have the ability to choose your own provider and services.

Next steps

Once the independent assessor process is complete, he or she will submit your application packet to Magellan. Within two weeks, you and the provider you have selected will receive notification of enrollment into the High Fidelity Wraparound program. For youth not already receiving Medicaid, the application process includes qualification for the Medicaid Children’s Mental Health Waiver.

For more in-depth information the High Fidelity Wraparound process, read our Child, Youth & Family Handbook. It is available in English and Spanish.

Enrollment notification

Once you have been notified of your enrollment into the High Fidelity Wraparound program, there are some next steps to expect.

  1. You will meet with your provider of choice and be asked to read and sign several forms. A few additional assessments will need to be completed.
  2. You will decide on additional services: respite, family support partner and youth support partner.
  3. You will begin your child and family team meetings.


If at any time you have any questions, reach out to us!

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