About Providers

Family Care Coordinator (FCC)

This is a person who takes primary responsibility for making the wraparound process happen for a family through facilitation of Child and Family Team Meetings, documenting the process and coordinating with professionals. The Family Care Coordinator helps the family develop a positive view of their future. The Family Care Coordinator supports the family in learning and using skills to identify and prioritize their changes and needs, develop their plans, access resources to manage their own life. The role will change and decrease over time as the family becomes empowered.

Family Support Partner (FSP)

The Family Support Partner is a member of the High-Fidelity Wraparound team with lived experience, and ideally has experience as a caregiver of a youth with behavior health challenges. They add value to the team through their personal experience and ability to empathize with the family. Family Support Partners help the family navigate uncomfortable environments, help a family identify and engage natural supports while building skills and increasing their self-efficacy. Family Support Partners can also provide assistance to groups youth and caretakers of two to eight to work on skill building.

Youth Support Partner (YSP)

A young adult between the ages of 18 and 26 who has personal experience with the system of care as a youth with behavioral health needs. This person can be a member of the wraparound team if the youth or young adult requests it. Similar to the family support partner, the youth support partner’s role is to serve as a partner, peer mentor, coach, educator, advocate and resource for youth.


Respite service is intended to be utilized on a short-term, temporary basis. It provides relief from the daily burdens of care and should be phased out as natural supports take over.

Parenting a child with emotional or behavioral health needs can be stressful. Juggling daily family life with health care appointments and problems that can arise at home, in school or in the community can be exhausting. It is often difficult to find someone who will simply give you a break.

A brochure for parents and caregivers with more information about respite is available upon request. Please email us at WyomingInfo@MagellanHealth.com and we will send it to you.