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Quality Improvement Process Council

Wyoming is a unique state with amazing people. Each part of our vast, beautiful state deserves experienced voices to speak on behalf of children's mental health. That’s why our team has created the Quality Improvement Process Council.

What is the Quality Improvement Process Council?

Magellan of Wyoming hosts community meetings to examine local issues that are affecting children, learn about resources available, identify gaps and share information about High Fidelity Wraparound.

Who participates in the Council?

The Quality Improvement Process Council is open to anyone. The meetings are ideal for:

  • Families
  • Youth
  • High Fidelity Wraparound Providers
  • Stakeholders
  • Organizations that work with children
  • Mental Health professionals
  • Anyone who is interested in improving the lives of children

Why does the Council exist?

The Council’s purpose is to help identify processes and methods that improve the lives of children with mental health conditions, identify where those processes and methods can be improved and create recommendations that will improve High Fidelity Wraparound throughout Wyoming.

Topics that will be continuously discussed at Council meetings include:

  • High Fidelity Wraparound Provider Score Cards
  • Partnerships and formal supports
  • Resources Needed
  • Cultural Competency

How will information gathered at the Council be used?

Information shared at the Council meetings will be posted on our website and shared with the Wyoming Department of Health, Division of Healthcare Financing and Magellan Healthcare, Inc. The information will be used to improve High Fidelity Wraparound throughout Wyoming.

When are the meetings?

The meeting dates have been posted on our training page.


If you are interested in participating on the Quality Improvement Process Council, please email