MY LIFE (Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment) is a FREE program offered to any youth in the community between the ages of 13 and 23.


  • features inspirational speakers, uplifting entertainment, fun activities, free food and information on a variety of topics important to youth
  • actively engages youth through teaching, coaching and mentoring
  • helps youth use their voices to inspire and create positive change for themselves and others in the community
  • puts on regular events, performances, special events, social media, and presentations
  • gives youth a place to share their stories and support each other in overcoming obstacles and reaching their goals

Youth can also practice social skills, learn from presenters and provide and receive peer mentoring. MY LIFE members

develop critical skills in leadership. They act as advisors to Magellan, providers and other agencies to help improve services and systems that serve youth.

MY LIFE also provides a much-needed voice in the community to combat negative views about behavioral health and foster care issues. The program uses all forms of media including social, print, radio and television. MY LIFE events have received TV news coverage on FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates.

MY LIFE benefits youth by helping them build self-confidence, positive social supports and leadership skills. It also has been beneficial to systems that serve youth by bringing about changes to improve care for youth and young adults.

MY LIFE was founded in Arizona in 2008 and in addition to our group in Wyoming, now includes 12 groups in Arizona, Louisiana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Mission and objectives

The MY LIFE model is designed to give youth a voice and an active role in improving youth and young adult systems of care.

This includes behavioral health, child welfare and juvenile justice systems. The group has the following objectives:

  • To help MY LIFE members develop leadership skills, social skills and positive social supports.
  • To help MY LIFE members learn, use and teach advocacy skills to make positive change and become leaders in the community.
  • To provide opportunities for MY LIFE members to share their experiences.
  • To inspire creativity and provide opportunities for youth to practice and share current talents, while developing new ones.
  • To reduce stigma associated with mental health, substance abuse and/or foster care issues. Youth-led community events make this possible.
  • To outreach to youth in the community who are in similar situations. Outreach includes workshops and presentations in treatment centers, detention facilities, schools, etc.
  • To effect positive change in the systems that serve youth.
  • Conduct workshops and presentations for professionals to educate them about the importance of youth involvement and how they can start similar youth programs.

Monthly meetings & events

MY LIFE events are available in Cheyenne, Laramie and Rock Springs. For information on event dates and times, contact the following individuals.

  • Evanston
    • Diva Bermudez – 307-789-0241
  • Rock Springs
    • Kyla Maestas – 307-371-2331

More information

For more information about MY LIFE, contact:

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