How to join our network

Agencies adding new HFWA staff

Are you an agency currently active in the High Fidelity Wraparound (HFWA) network, and want to add a HFWA staff member?

Steps to adding new staff to your agency

  1. Obtain an individual National Provider Identifier for the new staff person (if they do not already have one)
  2. Complete a current Central Registry and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)/Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) background screening
  3. Contact and request a staff roster update
  • In the email subject line, type: Roster Update – Secured1

  • Include the following – 
    • Staff name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Social Security number
    • Degree (if any)
    • Clinical License (if any)
    • Individual NPI
    • Services seeking to offer, i.e. FCC, FSP, YSP and/or Respite
    • Direct email to applicant (required)

  • Once we receive the roster update, we will send the HFWA Network Application* to the agency administrator/director/designated contact

  • At the time we send the HFWA Network Application, Magellan will issue the new staff member an Acknowledgement Letter which he/she will submit to WY Medicaid to complete a WY Medicaid Provider Enrollment* form

  • Check out the "Tools & training" section of our website for free HFWA certification training opportunities


*All forms/applications must be complete and include required supporting documents. An application is not accepted for processing until complete (including supporting documents)

Contact us at with any questions.